Bialetti 06813 Kitty 6-Cup Espresso Maker Review

Bialetti 06813 Kitty 6-Cup Espresso Maker

The Bialetti 06813 Kitty 6-Cup Espresso Maker is created with an upscale and modern design that is very striking in 18/10 stainless steel.

Performance: this Bialetti Espresso Maker is sized to make up to 6 cups (equals approx 12 fl oz in total) of great tasting espresso. It is very easy to use and maintain with its relatively simple shape and design. Also, it is practical for virtually all heating surfaces, such as the ceramic, electric and gas stovetops.

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Quality of espresso: paired with the high-quality grounds, the espresso produced by this pot tastes so good. It helps to use the freshest and finely ground beans to achieve the best results. On average, the time-frame to brew is 3 to 6 minutes (varies with the heat intensity).

Also, this espresso maker is entirely made of stainless steel which is generally favored ahead of aluminum and appreciated for naturally creating the best tasting coffee.

Design: the Bialetti 06813 Kitty is a solid built brewing system that is entirely fabricated in stainless steel (except the heat-resistant bakelite handle). The actual handle is styled with a wide arch to ensure it is a suitable distance from the body of the espresso maker. A great quality of this brewing system is the fact it is dishwasher safe which means the cleanup process after use is ever so straightforward. Only use this pot for fine ground coffee, instant coffee, cacao powder, or teas to avoid causing the filter plate to clog.

Beyond the 6-cup brewing pot, this espresso maker is also available in other sizes, such as 2-cups, 4-cups and 10-cups which should offer a size for the small or large families.


Easy to Use: this Bialetti is built to be easy to use with very little to do to produce the high-quality brew. However, it is important to read the instructions to avoid simple mistakes like putting too much water in the water tank which can lead to the burnt or bitter taste.

Heat-resistant Handle: a great safety feature is the heat-resistant handle which is in bakelite and has a very wide reach to ensure it is far enough away from the side of the pot.

Multiple Surface Use: this Bialetti 06813 Kitty Espresso Maker is suitable for heating on most surfaces, including the ceramic, induction, electric and gas stovetops.

Easy to Clean: Unlike most others, this espresso maker has the dishwasher safe parts which mean it is very easy to clean and maintain.


  • Easy to use
  • Great heat-resistant handle
  • Quick to clean; parts are dishwasher safe
  • Stylish looks with a stainless mirrored exterior
  • Fast brewing cycle
  • Includes helpful instructions


  • Leaks around the threads at high pressure

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