Primula 6-Cup Espresso Maker Review


Primula 6-Cup Espresso Maker

The Primula 6-Cup Espresso Maker is a fast and efficient method to produce rich, authentic espresso right on the stovetop.

Performance: the Primula Espresso Maker is a simple, yet effective solution to create a delightful cup of coffee at home. It is designed to produce up to 6 cups (demitasse size) within a matter of minutes. The style of this coffee maker is naturally effective at even heat distribution for great all-round aroma and flavor. Also, there is a useful safety-release value that has the ability to control the water pressure to enhance the ability to extract improved flavor.

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Quality of espresso: the Primula Espresso Maker will make a consistently good espresso pot that is very flavorful. It helps to use the fresh beans with a fine grind to get the most desirable results.

Design: this espresso maker has a contemporary design. It is made in stainless steel and includes a variety of useful features such as the stay-cool handle and knob and a flip-top lid for all-round safety in use. The entire espresso maker is very easy to clean and maintain. The top and bottom simply separates to make cleanup ever so simple.

In addition to the 6-cup model, this espresso maker is also available as a 4-cup unit for those that need a little less coffee in the morning.


Compact: this espresso maker is compact in size to take up mineral space in even the smallest urban kitchen. It is stylish in stainless steel and gives a very traditional brewing method.

Safety Release Valve: any decent stovetop espresso maker will have a safety release value to help control the water pressure. The water pressure has a significant impact on the quality of the end brew, so it is essential to have this set to the right level. For instance, the excessively high pressure can lead to over extraction, while not enough will mean the under extracted espresso.

Easy to Follow Instructions: the Primula Espresso Maker is packaged with easy to follow instructions that outline the best techniques to brew a perfect espresso in the home kitchen. This is likely to appeal to the first-timer who needs a little guidance on brewing a rich, flavorful espresso.


  • Very easy to clean up
  • Great stainless steel construction; well built and solid
  • Easy to use
  • Compact size
  • Useful safety features, such as a stay-cool handle


  • Replaceable filter isn’t the highest quality

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